Turn Every Moment Into a Breakthrough with Vstrator

The dynamic video analysis app designed for athletes and coaches all over the world!

Elite Video Analysis Technology
...made simple and free.

Breakdown video in slow motion

Draw over video to highlight technique/form/teaching points

Analyze progress with side-by-side comparisons

Upload your videos and share results on Vstrator.com

Vstrator is one of the most innovative, effective, engaging and ‘easy-to-use’ tools for coach to player communication I have seen.

British Tennis Coach

Instantly Capture & Analyze Your Game. Anywhere. Anytime.

With Vstrator, you can instantly capture and analyze your game, anywhere, anytime, with our easy-to-use video analysis tools. Provide visual and audio feedback, track progress with side-by-side comparisons, and share out your results to coaches, teammates, friends & family.

Capture a coachable moment of up to 15 seconds to highlight areas of improvement, and provide up to one minute of coaching feedback to improve your game. If you want to train or coach like the pros, then start using the same tools they use.


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