Get the most out of practice sessions by capturing technique and uploading your videos to Vstrator.


Create a lesson and coach athletes using video analysis and break down footage frame-by-frame.


Invite one athlete or an entire team to connect with and share completed lessons anytime, anywhere.

Vstrator is one of the most innovative, effective, engaging and "easy to use" tools for coach to player communication I have seen.

- Judy Murray

Improve athlete performance

Video has proven to be the most effective communication and learning tool for sports. Record video, show your athletes their actual technique and immediately see improvement in their fundamental skills. Use the Vstrator App during practice to make real-time changes and then send Vstrator lessons as a follow up for your athlete to review and work on between practice sessions.

Add value to your profession

With Vstrator Coaches can differentiate themselves and add value to their profession that goes well beyond face-to-face practice sessions. Use Vstrator to facilitate effective and time efficient remote coaching for your athletes from anywhere in the world. Not only will your athletes have a more positive experience, but you’ll be a more competitive coach in the marketplace.

More than a video analysis app

Vstrator is a coaching platform that enhances coach and athlete communication outside of the practice session. With Vstrator coaches can provide video analysis by creating Vstrator lessons and deliver them directly to their athlete for review. Post-review, athletes can rate the lessons that they received from the coach and use the feedback feature to continue asking questions related to the coaching.

Stay connected...

Once the coach and athlete are connected on, the coaching doesn’t end after the initial video analysis is complete. You can continue to share feedback and coach online when it’s convenient for you. Track progress and improvement using filed videos and lessons that are always available on your computer or mobile device via or the Vstrator App.

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